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Here are the latest art happenings

Half a century ago, Charlie Brown lost his beach ball, only for 'Franklin,' the singular black character in the 'Peanuts' universe, to find and return it. This incident inspired my painting 'NUTS,' where I imagined Franklin grappling with the challenges faced by underrepresented individuals thrust into the role of racial ambassadors. The artwork serves as a visual commentary on the complexities of representation, prompting reflection on the unique struggles and resilience required in navigating such roles within our shared human experience.

Click the link below to read a wonderful article about the controversy surrounding the introduction of Franklin and his place at the Peanuts Thanksgiving table.


Currently exhibiting at ArtFields Jones Carter Gallery in Lake City, SC


4 prints from the ‘Linked' series on display:

’Rose Colored’ / ’Gabriel’ / ’Shhhackled’ / 'Cracked Rear View’

Out of Bondage 2:

The Domestics

Oil on Canvas, 55" x 67", 2016

Has been acquired by:

The Greenville County Museum of Art




'Out of Bondage: Richard Toler'
Oil on Canvas, 67" x 50, 2013"

2014 ArtFields People's Choice Award Winner


'Portrait of James Campbell'
Oil on Linen, anticipated size; 48" x 48"

This truly remarkable man commissioned me to paint his portrait shortly before his passing. To say that I am honored to be held in such esteem is an understatement. It will be completed within the next couple of weeks and presented to his family. Unfortunately, the current pandemic postponed the planned celebration of his life (scheduled July, 2021), where family and friends will gather to celebrate a most extraordinary life lived.

Don't believe me ... click on the link below to read a recent article by Adam Parker in the Post & Courier that only begins to touch upon the shadow cast by this giant.    

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